Chronological List of Changes

All changes noted have a link to the page with the change
and the date which the change took effect. Also, each
update is noted on Further Boring Documentation if necessary.

Credits page, along with rest of site, updated to remove dead counters, 10-10-01

Entire site moved, 10-08-01

Credits page and full menu page dead links repaired, 6-28-00

Further Boring Documentation dead link repaired, 6-3-00

Temporary Pages updated to fix dead Fair Use link, 3-30-00

Disclaimer Page updated to include link to Fair Use information, 3-30-00

Credits Page updated to reflect Crapco Award, 3-30-00

Several links fixed, 2-2-00

Crack News, banners page, and several others updated to reflect
new domain name,, 2-1-00

Redirect Page added for old links, 1-2-00

Crack News typo corrected, 1-2-00

Crack In The Box goes back online, 1-1-00

Temporary pages from CITB's absence moved, 12-31-99

Crack Roots final graphic altered very slightly, 11-6-99

Footer text on several pages altered, 11-6-99

Jack skull request page added, 11-6-99

Further Boring Documentation updated to include a banner to The Pantheonova, 11-6-99

Disclaimer page added, 9-4-99

Otto's Make n' Bake Pizza links updated, 3-24-99

'Food' Safety Page's title corrected to include quotation marks, 8-11-98

Banner Page's title corrected, 8-11-98

Crack's Back Page "joke" changed from Crackerschnitzel to Kentucky Fried Crack, 7-15-98

Credits Page cast list updated and alphabetized, 7-9-98

New banner added, 7-9-98

New banner added, 7-9-98

Credits Page updated to display Worst of the Web award, 7-6-98

Second Menu Page updated to display correctly with newer browsers, 5-31-98

Crack News updated to clarify a joke, 5-31-98

Documentation updated to correct list of brother's jokes, 5-31-98

Mania updated to fix typo, 5-16-98

Crack News updated to explain the site's "temporary leave of absence," 5-13-98

Crack News and Credits Page updated to reference counter status, 4-21-98

Further Boring Documentation updated, 4-10-98

Crack News updated to mention banner page, 4-10-98

Feedback page updated, with new animated banners, 4-10-98

Animated link added to Otto's Make n' Bake Pizza, 4-10-98

Banner page added, 4-10-98

Chronological List of Changes link added to Credits page, 4-10-98


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