This web page, save for a few minor fixes, was turned in
as my final project for VA40, Computing in the Arts, at UCSD,
March 11th, 1998.

The freebase spoon was 'burned' using Painter.
The syringe has no needle and is meant to give babies medicine.
The CD case was filmed sitting on top of my VCR, the artwork
was placed entirely in Painter.
The Crack .9mm is a bright pink and yellow squirt gun.
The Crackinger is the remote control to a small, pathetic
motorized car with the cord ripped out of the barrel.
The Junkie-Cutter is just a steak knife.

The photo was assembled from a picture of a
sailboarder, a mansion in Maui, a Lamborghini Limo,
and Crack's/Jack's head.

'Food' Safety
The line in 'Food' Safety about setting standards high is a joke.
Yes, Sean is actually drooling, although I did have to brighten
it a bit around his chin as it faded when I colorized his picture.
I made his 'signature' in Painter.

Crack's Kids
The GE joke came to me one day while I was sitting in
lecture. I think the lecture was on Artificial Intelligence.
It is an altered version of the same banner on the GE page.

John is taller than that.
And, yes, he is supposed to be flicking me off.
And, yes, Ken does watch South Park and he is a TA.
And, yes, sadly, that is me at the bottom.
I've never owned a gerbil.

The 'pot' is tea, the 'coke' is sugar. One picture of the crack is real,
(from one of the reference sites,) the others are rock candy.
I didn't make the Benson & Hedges page, just the link.

Crack Roots
I was tempted to name it Cola Roots, but I didn't have time.
(More altering would have been necessary.)
The pharmacy is a modern day photo
of one in France. (I had to translate the sign.)
I forgot where I got it from.
The new restaurant photo was provided by
my VA40 TA at UCSD.

All animations were designed and directed by my red right hand,
using Painter 4 and GIFBuilder 0.5. The MBE logo used original
text and logos from the MBE site, and was then altered in Painter.
(That blue ball is supposed to look like a bomb.)

The visor was added to Angela's head, as I did not own
the right visor when I filmed her for the "Crack With
That" Animation

Yes, that's Bill Gates.

Sean Pardell was Crack's body on the "Do It or Die"
animation. I replaced his head with an enlarged image
of a Jack antenna ball, then sharpened the eyes
and dulled the hat with my computer.

Credits Page
I have no idea who in The Great Cheeze-It made the Worst
of the Web award cup. They told me where to download it.

Jokes by Others
It was John's idea to flip off the camera. (Of course.)
I was reminded by my brother that
"Kentucky Fried Crack" was already used
by Anthony Clark on Conan O'Brien.
The following jokes were my brother's:
Late Night with Crack O'Brien, the Crack Files,
 and all the band names on the Crack CD except
for Stoned Temple Pilots. He wanted to put
'Homicrack: Crack on the Street.' I didn't.

All pictures not found (or previously found) on the linked
sites under credits were made entirely by me with a
video camera, a VCR, a Turbo TV, a Macintosh, and Painter 4.
Most pictures were pain-stakingly altered, with all masking
done by hand, because I'm a practicing perfectionist and Painter's
Magic Wand really sucks. I also added a tinge of green to
the Bacon Chedder Pot(ato) Wedges.

The "Otto's Make n' Bake Pizza" logo and site were made by
Cheryl Peterson, a VA40 classmate. I altered the logo to
fit in the animation's format.

More questions? If I don't remember, I can look it up, so e-mail me.

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