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Small Crack Small Crack
One vial
Large Crack Crack In The Box®
Large Crack
(The first ever
Crack In The Box
Menu Item!)
Kiddy Krack Kiddy Krack®
Four crystals,
with a toy hidden inside
The Coke Crave The Coke Crave®
Cherry Go Round,
Kiddy Go Down
Flavored, sweetened cocaine
Bag O' Coke Bag O' Coke
A small baggie of
the purest cocaine,
fresh from the
White Triangle
Junior Crack Junior Size Crack
Four crystals
Bag O' Pot Bag O' Pot
Exotic Jamaican blend
of marijuana
and hashish


We carry Colt 45, Jimmy Walker, Glue, Nitrous Oxide, and Original Coca-Cola.
By Original Coke we mean original Coke. Back when it was the good stuff.

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